Libraries without walls

Three university libraries joined forces to explore the delivery of electronic library services at a distance.

The Project was designed to explore, identify and improve the availability and accessibility to services provided by modern library services to users in remote areas of different Member States.

Having access and being able to use libraries and other services is a primary requirement to conduct university studies. Unfortunately, such services are not available most of the times in remote areas.

The “Libraries without Walls” project was co-funded by EEC and lasted for 18 months. The project involved three university libraries – University of the Aegean, the Dublin City University and University of Central Lancashire (coordinator).

The project’s primary objective was to deliver a toolkit of interesting and practical techniques. The first “Libraries without Walls” conference was held in spring 1995 for librarians from EEC Member States to exchange information and experiences and to form a special interest group.

Attendees received useful manuals about the provision of library services and an official report on the outcomes of the project.

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