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The Samos Library Branch has been operating since 1987, when the Department of Mathematics and the University of the Aegean were established. It is located in Karlovasi, and is housed in a restored neoclassical building built in 1903, the Hatzigiannio Girls School. The Hatzigiannio Girls School is built in the place that was the Porfyriada School and the Church of Hagia Sophia. The building was erected at the expense of industrialist and politician of the Samian State Giannis Hatzigiannis to house the Girls School that had been operating in Karlovasi since 1861. Founded in 1902, the Girls School was completed in 1905 and was named Hatzigiannio in honor of Hatzigiannis, its benefactor. All the years up until today the building served as school building, except for the years of the Greek Civil War (1945-1949). In 1989, the Municipality of Karlovasi ceded it to the University. With plans and study by K. Lapathaki, the architect of the University of the Aegean, the building was renovated and started being used as University Library.
The Branch Building covers an area of approximately 920 sq.m. and includes two levels. The first level (ground floor) serves as a reception area and the point of service for users (counter) and book searching, borrowing, returning and reserving services are provided. There are also offices to classify and process material and special areas and stands for audio-visual materials and the newly acquired materials.
There are also offices to classify and process material and special areas and stands for audio-visual materials and the newly acquired materials. There are four (4) user terminals to search available to users. The interior has the open stacks which accommodate books. There is the collection of journals with older issues (back issues) in the right wing of the ground floor in movable bookcases. There are also twenty-four (24) reading seats and two (2) laptops for general use available to users. In the left wing of the ground floor there are: a canteen and auxiliary rooms for the public, a photocopier available to users as well as reading and printout equipment for microfilm-microfiche. From the other entrance on the ground floor there is a separate room where collections of rare and historical material are kept: the Porfyriada School collection, the Panagioti Mageira collection, the Morali family collection, the Dimitri Valaskantzi collection.
On the second level (mezzanine floor) there is the rest of the collection of books and journals in open stacks. In the right wing there are stands with current issues year for all journals in the collection of the Branch. are There are also twenty-six (26) reading seats available to users.
The collection of Samos Library Department contains 34,130 volumes or 22,436 titles (7,926 titles in Greek, 13,581 titles in English, 275 titles in German, 535 titles in French) and 352 journal titles of which 31 titles are current subscriptions in print.
It also has a collection of Gray literature drafted by the University Departments located on Samos, the collection of textbooks distributed to students of the Departments of Samos through the programme EUDOXUS, under the auspices of Ministry of Education, and other special collections, such as: reference material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, guides), teacher notes, audiovisual material, the Porfyriada School collection, the Panagioti Mageira collection, the Morali family collection, the Dimitri Valaskantzi collection, etc.
The Library is organized following the international classification and cataloguing standards. Specifically, the Library's materials are organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification System, Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2 (AACR2) and Library of Congress Subject Headings. The authority control is based on the Library of Congress Name Authorities and the Catalogue of Name Authorities of the National Library of Greece. Searching of is possible in both local collection and in the union catalogue of the six (6) regional Library branches of the University of the Aegean. The branch also provides access to a large number of databases and journals.
The collection covers the areas of interest of the University Departments in Chios, as well as a large number of titles of general interest. The Chios Library Branch covers mainly the following topics (subjects):
- Computers
- Philosophy and Psychology
- Religion
- Social Sciences
- Political science
- Economics
- Money-Banks
- Macroeconomics-microeconomics
- Law
- Education
- Economics
- Financial
- Security
- Folklore
- Language
- Natural Sciences
- Mathematics
- Statistics
- Topology
- Geometry
- Astrology
- Technology
- Chemistry
- Biology
- Agriculture
- Organization and Management
- Accounting
- Arts
- Cinema
- Chess
- Literature
- Geography & History
- Borrowing Services (Borrowing, Reservations, Renewals)
- Interlibrary Services (inter-branch loans, inter-library loans with other libraries)
- Ordering articles
- Studying on the Library premises
- Copying items (books, journals, digital media)
- Management of EUDOXUS Books (borrowing, returning, distributing textbooks EUDOXUS)
- Services to Support and Train Users
The Samos Library Branch supports:
(A) the School of Sciences, which includes the following two (2) Departments, offering undergraduate courses in:
- Mathematics
- Information and Communication Systems Engineering
(B) three (3) Postgraduate Courses in:
- MSc in Mathematics
- Statistics and Acturial-Financial Mathematics
- Technologies and Management of Information and Communications Systems
The main purpose of the Branch is to provide the resources for the educational and informational needs of the members of the academic community (undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff). At the same time, the Branch is open to residents of the island and visitors in general.
More information on the special collections
• Porfyriada School collection
The collection includes books from the Library of the Porfyriada School. Founder of the School was Porfyrios Zampetis. The Porfyriada School was established in 1784 in Neo Karlovasi. After the Union of Samos with Greece, it was renamed to "Public School of Commerce" and was later called "Gymnasium of Economics" The first building that housed the Porfyriada School was in the place that is today the Hatzigianneio Building and the Library of the University the Aegean. In 1831 the Library was burned accidentally. In the new building the library collection was enriched again with books and teaching material. The books that have survived until today were given as a donation by the Karlovasi Municipality in 2010; this collection includes 1,487 titles of books, textbooks, encyclopedias and dictionaries. The subjects of this collection are:
- Ancient Greek Grammar
- Rhetoric
- Philosophy
- Ecclesiastic books
- Science of Commerce: Commercial Arithmetic, Commercial correspondence, History of Commerce, Science of Commodities, Accounting and Political Economics, Commercial Law,
- Natural history
- Physics
- Mathematics
- Chemistry
- Geography
- Geology
• Panagioti Mageira collection
The collection consists of 2,305 titles with primarily under the topic of mathematics. More specifically, it includes many tutorial books - aids for students of high school (six year gymnasium) and lyceum and for candidates preparing for admission exams to universities, exam questions, academic books and Greek and foreign language journals.
• Morali family collection
The collection consists of 160 titles on the subjects of medicine and agriculture - agronomy. The books are mostly in French, issued in the years 1851-1920.
• Dimitri Valaskantzi collection
The collection consists of 4,734 titles, numerous Greek literary journals of the period 1960-1980 and newspapers.


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