Rhodes Branch


The Rhodes Library Branch has been operating since 1987, when the Department of Mathematics (????) and the University of the Aegean were established on Rhodes. It is located in the City of Rhodes in one of the buildings that house the University of the Aegean, which were built at the time of the Italian occupation, and, more specifically, on the first floor of the building "Kleovoulos". The total area of the Department is 454 sq.m. and consists of three main rooms and two offices.
The first main room serves as a reception area and the point of service for users (counter), while open and closed stacks are being deployed with the main collection and stands with recent issues of Greek and foreign language journals. There are: six (6) user terminals for searching are and storing cabinets for personal belongings available to users, where users can store their personal belongings, when entering the Branch.
In the second main room, occupying 1/3 of the total area of the department, is the reading hall with fifty six (56) reading seats, while there is material donated by the former Pedagogical Academy of Rhodes and the collection of books distributed to the students of the School of Humanities through the programme EUDOXUS, under the auspices the Ministry of Education.
In the third main room there is the collection of back issues of the journals from the donation of the collection "Krikonis'.
The two offices are used for cataloging and processing the material in the Department and for exhibiting the printed collection of Gray literature, i.e. undergraduate, graduate and doctoral theses drafted by the Departments of the University located on Rhodes.
The collection of the Rhodes Library Department consists of 25,000 titles (Greek and foreign) and 150 subscriptions Greek and foreign journals.
It also has a collection of Gray literature drafted by the University Departments located on Rhodes, the collection of textbooks distributed to students of the Departments of Rhodes through the programme EUDOXUS, under the auspices of Ministry of Education and other special collections, such as reference material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, guides), teacher notes, audiovisual material, former Pedagogical Academy of Rhodes donation, "Krikonis" donation, etc.
The Library is organized following the international classification and cataloguing standards. Specifically, the Library's materials are organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification System, Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2 (AACR2) and Library of Congress Subject Headings. The authority control is based on the Library of Congress Name Authorities and the Catalogue of Name Authorities of the National Library of Greece. Searching of is possible in both local collection and in the union catalogue of the six (6) regional Library Branches of University of the Aegean. The branch also provides access to a large number of databases and journals.
The collection covers the areas of interest of the University Departments on Rhodes, as well as a large number of titles of general interest. The Rhodes Library Branch covers mainly the following topics (subjects):
- education
- language
- literature
- Borrowing Services (Borrowing, Reservations, Renewals)
- Interlibrary Services (inter-branch loans, inter-library loans with other libraries)
- Ordering articles
- Studying on the Library premises
- Copying items (books, journals, digital media)
- Management of EUDOXUS Books (borrowing, returning, distributing textbooks EUDOXUS)
- Services to Support and Train Users
The Rhodes Library Branch supports:
(A) the School of Humanities, which includes the following three (3) Departments, offering undergraduate courses in:
- Primary Education
- Pre-school Education and Educational Design
- Mediterranean Studies.
(B) ten (10) Postgraduate Courses in:
- Sciences of Education - Education using new technologies
- Children’s Books and Educational Material
- Environmental Education
- Gender and New Educational and Work Environments within the Society of Information
- Modeling Design and Development of Educational Units
- New Forms of Education and Learning
- Didactics of Mathematics, Science and I.C.T.: an Interdisciplinary Approach
- Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean: Greece, Egypt, Near East
- Linguistics of the Southeastern Mediterranean
- Governance, Security and Development in Mediterranean
The main purpose of the Branch is to provide the resources for the educational and informational needs of the members of the academic community (undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff). At the same time, the Branch is open to residents of the island and visitors in general.


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