Lemnos Branch


The Lemnos Library Department is the latest established Department of the University of the Aegean and has been operating since November of 2009, when the Department of Food Science and Nutrition of the School of the Environment was established. It is located in Myrina, the island's capital and is housed in space of 150 sq.m. in the Kydadeio building.
The area of the library consists of two rooms, the largest of which contains the open bookcase, the reading hall with ten (10) reading seats, two (2) user terminals to search and two (2) user workstations. The second room is multi-purpose and has audiovisual projection equipment. In the reception area there is a photocopier for users and storing cabinets for storing personal belongings, where users can store personal belongings, when entering the department.
The collection of Lemnos Library Department includes the main collection Greek and foreign language monographs (862 titles and 1,227 volumes) and the collection of Greek and foreign language journals in printed form (15 titles).
It also has a collection of Gray literature drafted by the University Departments located on Lemnos, the collection of textbooks distributed to students of the Departments of Lemnos through the programme EUDOXUS, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, and other special collections, such as information material (encyclopedias, dictionaries, guides), teacher notes, etc.
The Library is organized following the international classification and cataloguing standards. Specifically, the Library's materials are organized using the Dewey Decimal Classification System, Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2 (AACR2) and Library of Congress Subject Headings. The authority control is based on the Library of Congress Name Authorities and the Catalogue of Name Authorities of the National Library of Greece. Searching of is possible in both local collection and in the union catalogue of the six (6) regional Library branches of University of the Aegean. The Department also provides access to a large number of databases and journals.
The collection covers the areas of interest of the University Departments on Lemnos and a large number of titles of general interest. The Lemnos Library department covers mainly the following topics (subjects):
- Food science (food technology, food microbiology, biochemistry and food chemistry)
- Human nutrition,
- Horticulture,
- Animal production,
- Protection of plants and stored products,
- Water sciences,
- fishing
- Borrowing Services (Borrowing, Reservations, Renewals)
- Interlibrary Services (inter-branch loans, inter-library loans with other libraries)
- Ordering articles
- Studying on the Library premises
- Copying items (books, journals, digital media)
- Management of EUDOXUS Books (borrowing, returning, distributing textbooks EUDOXUS)
- Services to Support and Train Users
The Lemnos Library branch supports the Department of Food Science and Nutrition of the School of the Environment.
The main purpose of the Branch is to provide the resources for the educational and informational needs of the members of the academic community (undergraduate and postgraduate students, teachers, researchers and administrative staff). At the same time, the Branch is open to residents of the island and visitors in general.


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