Hellenic Academic Libraries Union Catalog (HALUC)

The Hellenic Academic Libraries Union Catalog (HALUC) is currently the first part of the actual implementation of the four basic aims of the Greek Academic Libraries Link (S.E.A.B.) and subsequently of the second goal as described in Article 17, l.3404/2005 (Official Government Gazette/A/260/17.10.2005): “the coordinating development of the collections of individual Central Libraries, the creation of an inter-library loan system within a national framework, the design of a common strategy to access electronic material, aiming at a more effective management of information resources for the country and the adaption of common standards and performance indicators of their services”.

The HALUC gives free access to the most important library catalogues of the country, including the Academic Libraries and the National Library of Greece.

Συλλογικός Κατάλογος των Ελληνικών Ακαδημαϊκών Βιβλιοθηκών


Association of Greek Academic Libraries (HEAL-Link)

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