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The University of the Aegean Library, as a member of HEAL-Link, has access to an extensive number of digital journals, e-books and e-dictionaries as well as to bibliographical databases from which users can retrieve the full text of the article they are interested in.

Access is possible through the HEAL-Link Portal. Access control is preformed through IP address recognition directly by the publishers. Certain publishers support Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) through shibboleth.

The same copyright laws apply both to the electronic and the printed publications. On using the service of electronic journals, users should know that:

  • They accept the provisions of the legislation being in effect for Copyright and related rights (Law 2121/93; Article 14, Law 3049/2002and Article 81, Law 3057/2002) and that systematic storage or printing of entire content of copies of electronic journals and books is prohibited.
  • They responsibly declare that the information will be used exclusively for personal study or research.

Access to the HEALLink list of subscriptions to dictionaries is provided by the HEAL-Link webpage.

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